"We...The Church?" Study

Study I: Why Should I "Go To Church"?

In the past decade a shift has come to the church. No longer are church leaders trying to figure out how to get non-Christians in a church service. Now the church faces a new problem: Christians who don't see their need to be connected to a church. In this study we ask, "What is the Church?" and discover how you play a vital part of what it means to BE the church.

Study II: Is There a Reason for All This?

Ask someone who has been a part of church for years, "Why do you go to church?" and most of the time you will get, "Well, that just what you do..." But is there more than tradition and ritual as to why we gather together on Sundays? Is there something greater? This study will dive into the greater mission of being a part of the body of Christ and what part you play in it.

Study III: What Is Important...Really?

When we look at the church, there are so many ideas and opinions of what is important. But what is important? In this study we look at the core values of Grace Tahoe, what the Bible says about each value, and how we can live these out.

Study IV: Who Leads?

We all come from different backgrounds and experiences. So when the question comes up, "Who leads the church?" we all might have different ideas of what kind of church polity is best. In this, the fourth study, we look to the Bible to see what God's Word says about leadership within His church.

Study V--Part 1: "Why Does the Church Keep Asking for My Money?"

The one constant complaint that I have heard through the years from church goers is,"The church constantly is asking for more money! Why do they always talk about money?" This is a very important topic and the Bible says a LOT about giving and money in general. So we are going to split this topic into two parts and deal with five major reasons church goers struggle to give to their local church.